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Published articles authored by Claude Jodoin

David Humphrey: MTV-inspired Portraiture
Now, more than ever, we have moms, dads and schoolteachers with digital cameras who know enough to be dangerous.
Rangefinder Magazine, August 2008
Dale Fisher: Art from the Air
Dale Fisher produces some of the finest photographic art I have ever seen in person. For his large
prints in custom frames, which can be seen in his galleries, he uses nothing but the best techniques, equipment and materials for production.
Rangefinder Magazine, October 2008
Laszlo of Montreal: Modern Classics
Back in the late 1990s, I had the pleasure of hosting Joseph and Louise Simone the first time they spoke in Detroit. They are a charming couple from Montreal (my birthplace) and I enjoyed their informative program outlining their incredible work.
Rangefinder Magazine, July 2008
Mastering Wedding Lighting
No matter what style of photography you practice at weddings, the basics of lighting
control are always necessary.

Rangefinder Magazine, March 2008
Westcott 2008 Catalog Page 39
Scrim Jims Standard Kit; "I use them everywhere, indoor, outdoor, doesn't matter".
Westcott Catalog 2008
The Art of the Digital Wedding
Photographing weddings digitally should be easy, lucrative and fun. Lighting and color must be done right. Proper camera settings, lighting and metering will also be demonstrated, plus Claude’s PhotoshopTM tips and tricks!

Lighting for Digital: Part II: Metering/Reflector Fill
In this article we will be discussing lighting, light ratios, complete control of fill light indoors and out and proper digital metering techniques. For digital capture, traditional exposure methods need to be reversed 180 degrees. Meters and exposure methods are highlight based, not shadow based.
Rangefinder Magazine, September 2004

First Exposure
The Missing Link: Finishing Your Prints with a “Money Maker”
Rangefinder Magazine June 2003

Inside Cone's Head
An interview with fine art printer and quad black inkjet pioneer Jon Cone.
PEI - Magazine Sept / Oct 2002 (348k pdf)

"The ExpoDisc I bought from you 8 months ago has become indispensable! It will be featured in my Photoshop 7.0 Interactive CD recordings on Digital Workflow produced by Dean Collins. It is absolutely neutral in it's attenuation of light."

"I just shot the biggest Wedding of my life. They bought all the JPEG files from me and ALL 2,387
of them had good color because of the ExpoDisc. I have done the FULL testing on
ALL the digital cameras on the market in the last 7 years, and in my opinion
your product needs to become part of EVERY photographers tool kit."

Claude Jodoin, Tech writer for RANGEFINDER, Aug. 21, 2003