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Biography, and Quotes from industry leaders

"Claude Jodoin is one of the most knowledgeable professionals on digital photography. His
know-how seems nothing less than amazing; his observations are precise, and his perspective
always insightful. His ways of explanation clear any confusion. Plus, he's one heck of a nice guy!"
--- Denis Reggie

Claude Jodoin has been a professional photographer for over 25 years, a Freelance Contributing Technical Editor for PPA’s Professional Photographer and PEI Magazine since 1994, and involved in the production of the Certification Exam for PPA.

Currently technical editor WPPI's Rangefinder Publications, Claude has taught many seminars on lighting, precision metering, and digital photography. He has an extensive technical background as an industrial photographer, using all film formats, scanning, and single-shot digital cameras since 1995.

He has written over 50 articles for PPA affiliates on Digital imaging, Light theory, Weddings, Indoor/outdoor Portraiture (additive/subtractive lighting), applied sensitometry in Color and Black and White (Zone system).

Starting with 4,000 DPI laser photoplotters/Kodalith film in1986, his digital involvement grew from film recorders, to the first large format inkjet printer in 1991. He started an all-digital event photography business with Kodak equipment in 1996.

ln mid-1999, he started a new totally film-less photo studio (I2I Studio) and worked with Foveon as a beta tester on the development of their original prism camera.

Working totally filmless since 1999, he has printed only "pixels directly from subjects" on over 18 printers of various brands and sizes. He has owned 25 digital cameras and currently uses 10 different ones, depending on the application.

His work has been published in various local, state, and International publications including DPPA, PP of Mich, WPPI, PPA's Professional Photographer, PEI, Rangefinder, and Kodak Pro Passport.

He has been a technical guru on the Kodak's AOL Wedding board since it's inception and has taught various workshops and seminars in the US and Canada for PPA affiliates.

He enjoys doing Corporate, Event, Portrait, Industrial, and Wedding work for select clients. He claims he looks much younger in person than in his photograph and that...

"There are no experts in the field, only varying levels of ignorance!"

"I relied on Claude constantly for guidance and advice as I made the
personal transition to digital. He is the industry's definitive digital guru."
--- Gary Fong 

"Claude has simplified and dramatized the intricacies of digital imaging to such an extent that even I can now live with it every day. It just doesn't get any better than this, or more clear."
--- Monte Zucker

"If you are looking for someone with a complete understanding of the Photo digital
workflow, Claude Jodoin is your man! There's no one better on the planet, Period!"
--- Dean Collins